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All masks are washable and reusable!

                             NEW N95 Adaptable Masks, $75 CAD.












Standard Sizes (with filters), $75 CAD.
Pair of reusable replacement filters, $25 CAD.
Pack of 25 reusable moisture strips, $25 CAD.

Custom fit masks, $395 CAD + $30 scan. One time fee.
Additional custom masks, $50 CAD.

All orders subject to shipping fees.

Fill out the order form below for a custom mask, or visit or store for standard sizes!


Example of Standard Size Mask

Personal 3D Printed Masks

Custom and Stock Sized

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Example of Custom Masks

Find out how our custom filters compare to N95 masks HERE

Ordering Instructions for Standard Sizes.
We currently have Small/narrow, Small/wide, Medium/narrow, Medium/wide, Large/narrow, Large/wide.

If you're having trouble figuring out which size you are,

Please click this link for a printable sizing chart.

How does it work?


The design process has passed FDA recommended fit tests, ensuring custom seal around the mask and filters to address exposure risk experienced with many masks currently in use. The masks are hygienic, washable and re-usable. The masks utilize a patent-pending filter system, with medical-grade material that achieves a 98.9% – 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) test score. The masks are durable and washable for safe re-use with long-lasting, reusable, replaceable filters. The masks are lightweight, more comfortable to wear long-term due to the custom fit.

Custom Masks
Having all the benefits of the standard sizes. These are made by scanning your face and custom printing your mask. Made to be comfortable so that professionals can use it for long periods of time.



98.9% – 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) test score.
Filters should be replaced after possible exposure to infectious agents using institutional replacement protocols. According to FDA Guidance, to disinfect and re-use filters, simply place them in a paper bag away from human contact for 5 days before re-use.

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