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ActivArmor standard-size facemasks are selected specifically for you based on your facial size and shape, and can be molded at-home to ensure the best possible fit.


-Video on Filter Replacement-


Product Info:

• Utilizes patented POWERGUARD™ filter material, receiving a 98.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) test score


Fit-tested facemasks adaptable for use with 80 mm round commercial N95 respirator filters. (Honeywell North, 3M, etc.) Use commercial filters in accordance with your N95 use policies.


• Custom Designed or Standard Size Self-Fit – Provides more accurate seal against airborne particulates


• Transparent – Designed for visibility of the healthcare worker’s lips while speaking, to ensure full patient/provider communication when voice may be muffled inside the mask.


• Comfortable – Formed to each individual’s face instead of traditional masks that seal by pressure on the mask, that can cause pressure bruising on healthcare workers during long shifts


• Lightweight – Less than 2 ounces, to maximize visibility and reduce headaches/neck strain on healthcare workers


• Low-profile – Custom fit to face shape to minimize interference in care by bulky, awkward masks • Reusable – Durable and washable for safe re-use with long-lasting, reusable, replaceable filters


NEW N95 Adaptable Masks

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